Wanking in a hotel room whilst the maid is cleaning the next room. You know she is coming to you next!!!
Sound of the trolley stopping and the key going into the lock brings me to climax!
Is this a Danger Wank or is my wanting to get caught affecting this?
by samsam222 September 25, 2010
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starting to masturbate while parked at red lights and having to cum before they are green again
i danger wanked at the lights the other day, went straight into the back of a van, then i drove off
by 'The Master' April 02, 2008
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Finishing yourself off during masturbation before being walked in on/caught at your business
Mum walking in on you avin a wankkkkkkkkkkk - Was a mad danger wank
by Roy boi September 01, 2008
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a game played by u and a few fucked up m8's.prefably a lot
wot u do is first bet some money down like 5£, 5$ (if 1 of u fails u leave empty handed)

u then proceed 2 have a wank in a public place like in a library, behind a door of an office, on a balcony etc for a minute, if u and all ur m8's do it successfully u then step it up a gear by going into a more public place or make the minutes longer, if u all still manage 2 do it (doubt u will) but if u do u go into the final place.... the school classroom(by then a few might have chickened out) and then i goes last man standing, whoever lasts the longest without been caught gets all the money

a very fun game and pottentionally very rich aswell, also made as a film in 2007
person1: me and bout 7 of my m8's played dangerwank yesterday
person2: ha wot do u do
person1: u go into public places and have a wank and try not 2 get caught
person2: cool who won
person1: me!! i got £35 out of it
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 06, 2009
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1. Wanking so often and violently that you are in danger of damaging your member.

2. Beating the meat so hard that it starts to come off.

3. Treating your dick like an amusement park
Ox realised he was having a danger wank after the doctor told him he didn't have an STD but that he just needed to leave it alone for a day or two
by Kylz August 04, 2004
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To wank masterbate over dangerous situations. Getting erect over being in trouble or in a car crash. When in pain, example having a knife stuck into you and having a wank over that.

Also known as 'DW'ing or having a 'DW'
Paul was in Woolworths in the Pic and Mix department and had a Danger Wank over the fact he was being watched by a mother and her child.

Steve stole an item of clothing from a shop to get the security guard to run after him. While was running, about to get caught, he had a danger wank.
by Hobbit JT November 18, 2007
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To masturbate while nearing an unstable state of Rohypnol or GHB induced unconsciousness.
Usually executed upon crowded dance floors.
He danger wanked right into matey's sister
by garmoogethz January 31, 2005
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