The ipitamy of sexyness. She is a beautiful, smart and confident woman. Extremely loyal friend and great person all around. One should cherish having her in their lives or seek to find one if they don't.
Person 1: So I met this chick called Glynis, I think I'm in love
Person 2: Awh man! You're so lucky! I wish I had her in my life too
by fjisdjsp July 26, 2011
A pretty, tiny bottle-rocket of energy who is a physicist, dancer and snowboarder extraordinaire!!! Glynis is soooo cool!! She's really smart too!!

Girl 1: Do you know what's really in fashion right now?
Girl 2: Glynis?!
by cnorma January 29, 2010
A person that is named glynis. i recommend meeting one.
that person's name is glynis!
lets meet that person since urban dictionary said and if urban dictionary says it, we gotta!
by sippycupskill December 11, 2009
(Glih nee) Gay and Lesbian Youth of New York - A youth founded, youth run support group founded in August 1969.
I'm going to the GLYNY meeting this Saturday at the Center.
by Tom Approbato April 13, 2008