An amusing (for the onlookers) waddle between two arbitrary points while bent over with your pants around your ankles and a lit rolled up piece of newspaper wedged up your arse.

Commonly performed by both the military and football clubs, it's an experience that both onlookers and participants will never forget.

Here's how it goes....

You light a rolled up tube of newspaper and stick it between your buttocks while bent over with your pants around your ankles. Then you have to shuffle from the start line to the finish line without dropping the "Torch".

If you drop the torch you're up shit creek and will suffer a penalty ranging from having to start over to getting doused with beer before having to start over again.

Typically it's like a right of baptism that everyone in a team or group will participate in to both gain acceptance and strengthen ties by the age old addage of shared absurdity....

Or was it adversity....

Fucked if I know, pass me another beer and light my torch, will ya?!?

Saw the new 23rd regiment going the "Dance of the Flaming Arseholes" last night at the local.... Some of them were a bit slow, there's a few boys who won't need to wax this week if you get my meaning!!
by Ben Govett August 10, 2006
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A pub game often played by members of various football clubs. Also performed by Australian servicemen. It involves seeing who can last the longest with a burning newspaper shoved up their arse.
Taken from Wikipedia:
"One of the "hallowed traditions" bestowed upon the area by sojourning sailors, eg. from Australia, was the ritualistic "Dance Of The Flamers" or "Dance Of The Flaming Arseholes" on top of the infamous toilet's roof. Compatriots on the ground would chant the signature "Haul 'em down you Zulu Warrior" song whilst the matelots performed their act."
by The Sidhe April 16, 2006
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A Dance (Now more of a game), This is Now been commonly abbreviated to just Flaming Arseholes.
In This Dance the competitors put a piece of flaming toilet paper in their pants, it is a tradition to only were pants while doing it. (the breifer, the better!)

The dance is to be done around a swimming pool, This is because in the game if your arse get too Hot or your pants set on fire you can jump in the pool. The last person to jump in wins and is allowed to take the Flaming Paper out. Any number of players are allowed to take part and process around the pool in the clockwise directon. The length of paper used must not be longer than reaching the floor, all participants must present their paper tails to a single igniter and the dance starts when all the tails are simeltaniously lit.

There is a secret of the game is to proceed around the pool at a speed which is not so fast as for the wind to extinguish the flame but not so slow as to cause the paper to flare and set fire to your arsehole!

This Dance was originally created in 1992, in Scotland but the maker then moved back to his House in Hertfordshire were he Expanded the game into many differant continents of the world, it has even been recored that it was played in Australia.

By this year the game has been changed in a number of differant ways E.G People often play in Pubs and House without pools where you take the paper out when it gets too Hot.

The famailiar cry of this dance is "Holy Shit my Arse in on Fire"
John "I did The Dance Of the Flaming Arseholes last night"

Nick "Oh Really what happend?"

John "Well i lost, my pants got burnt to a crisp and my arasehole nearly set on fire"
by wenters123 July 23, 2013
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