Damfino is the name of Buster Keaton's boat in his hilarious 1921 short film... The Boat. In modern terms, hardcore fans of Buster Keaton refer to themselves as "Damfinos".
"At the end of the movie, The Damfino was a wreck."

"She's a real Damfino, she's seen 'Sherlock Jr.' 500 times!"
by Stephanie Crawford July 7, 2006
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"damfino" is short for "damned if I know". Equivalent to "beats me".
Is he going to win? Damfino.
by Ted Shepherd August 15, 2015
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"What's up with the homey's brim? Is he on crack?"

"Damfino, it's always like that."
by Concerned Citizen #6942 February 16, 2002
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