Dalilah is a goofy girl with an attitude but she’s gonna be nice to you unless you mess with her, she don’t play games and if you wanna talk about her then say it to her face cause she will go up too you and put you in a place
by Oofgurll November 21, 2019
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Dalilah, you should be happy to have a Dalilah in your life. Dalilah is, funny, a bit of a giggler, She will be quiet at first but once you get to meet her then....Dalilah is gentle, sensitive sometimes.
I wish I more like Dalilah, gentle, funny, and kind...
by A3h1e5yC6u4z November 06, 2019
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Different from the rest. Not like everyone else
Yo she isn't Luke ant other girl, you gotta Dalilah
by Star lover jazzy April 02, 2018
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Dalilah is very funny but loud when she laughs. She has dimples when she smiles. She thinks she the Queen of her group but she’s not, Dalilah would always have your back whenever. Dalilah goes for the guys that are bad for her but her true love is older men.
Older man: Who’s that girl, she’s beautiful ?

Student: That’s dalilah but she’s way to young.
by Keniaa June 17, 2019
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Described as what every guy wants. or the perfect girl-friend.
"yo home-boy ova there's got himself a dalilah"
by kiki June 30, 2004
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When a man sticks his weiner in a dogs ass, then rubs the shit on his girlfriends upper lip, making it look like a Dirty dalilah stache.
that guy likes to give his girlfriend a dirty dalilah.
by Dalilah123 January 16, 2009
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A Dalilah is the most gorgeous woman or girl you would ever see in your life. Sure you've may seen some babes here and there, but I promise you... She's a keeper. She have had her heart broken multiple times before, and she doesn't want to feel that anymore. Make her want to trust you, she wants to talk to someone that understands her. Dalilah might be shy, or naive when it comes to love. But don't shut her down cause she doesn't want to call, or hangout. Dalilah just want's to see your relationship grow. She'll feel comfortable when she feels like it. Don't be impatient and rude. Just give her time to shine from the inside-out. But if you're foolish enough to break her heart, her tears and pain will follow you. You may have moved on, but she didn't, therefore she would never forget you. If you ever think about a Dalilah you haven't spoke to in a while, try to catch up on how she is. Make her feel good inside. Let her know you didn't forget about her either, and you wish to reconnect with her again.
"Do you remember Dalilah? That girl you broke up with before?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Dude I think she misses you. You should try talking to her again."
by JunkyBxtch April 28, 2021
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