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A long body pillow with an anime character imprinted on it for horny otakus (mostly men) to embrace their sexual fantasies. Kiss it, hug it, hump it, watch TV and eat dinner with the pillow because you're either going to treat it as your ultimate sex slave or only best friend. Owners usually treat their love pillows with their uttermost respect as if it was an actual person to the point where they even give them a name. They are usually the innocent and young tsundere girls suggestively posed showing little to no skin, so you better hide it from your guests to prevent getting any dirty looks. They are also the alternative to the old-fashion Japanese blow up dolls, but nonetheless, one of the best ways for someone to please their fetish for hentai and who does not have anyone to please in bed.

These things are a blessing or a curse. If you're not single, this is possibly the easiest way to lose that girlfriend. Consider yourself warned.
1: You have a dakimakura? Dude, you need to get out more...
2: She has a name, you fucker. *turns to dakimakura* Come on, Mio-chan, let's go play some videogames.

1: Your boyfriend bought 2 dakimakuras. I think something's going wrong in bed with you two
2: Yeah...i'm just gonna break up with him if he'd rather have his anime than me.

1: Broooo what the hell are you doing to that dakimakura??
2: *stops making out with it* nothing
by thisisyourgirlfriend July 05, 2013
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A body pillow for filthy weebs to touch and do their thing with as the disgusting little shit's they are, their is a social stigma to owning one, but I don't think the weebs that buy them care
"I just got my new Dakimakura." "You filthy weeb."
by NinonEEE May 26, 2018
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