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Dajanae is a beautiful girl who is caring she a baller she is thick asf she can fight hard so don't fwh she gone keep it real with you and always have yo back y'all fwi
by Yeah dat way June 18, 2018
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The most rough, outgoing, radical, spontaneous, bold, beautiful leader in victory Outreach international. You are filled with a great vision that I know you are more than willing to accomplish wheather anyone is by your side or not. You were brought into this world to do amazing things that only god will understand, so keep pushing forward no matter what or who gets in your way. You are a great role model in so many ways to where I don’t know where to start. You’ve loved me and guided me through everything even though I wouldn’t want the vision. You’ve been my friend, my sister, and mainly my leader. Dang nae, when my aunt got married and moved, I felt like my heart was ripped, I became depressed and scuicidal, all because of my aunt, but I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the day and telling me to get up and get ready because you were gonna take me home with you, and if you haven’t done that, I wouldn’t even think I would be here now. So thank you nae for everything.
Your truly someone I wanna be one day.
I knew your name wouldn’t have a definition so I decided to make my own.

Love, Tori
Dajanae can never truly be defined because there’s isn’t even words for her.
by Gang girl April 08, 2018
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