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Daisie-mae seems like a shy girl but actuallybshes very loud once you get to know her shes such a beautiful girl who knows how to make people happy whenever there sad or just generally.shes independant and dosent need people in her life that wastes her time .yes shes a nice girl but once you get on her wrong side thats it youve messed with the wrong person !!,,got a good sense of humor knows how to get people ta laugh ,has a really nice figure/body !!and is loyal to her boyfriends butt unfortunately she gets mugged off by most of them ?! Alot of people know of her for the good reason since she is reallyyyyy pretty and has good fashion
1:whos that girl over there shes really pretty !!
2:ohh thats daisie-mae
by Ada-kiaa January 18, 2017
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