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A great manga with a run in Weekly Jump. D.Gray-man is Hoshino Katsura's debut manga about an exorcist named Allen Walker and an organization known as the Black Priests who try to cleanse the world of the Akuma.
We just scanlated the eighteenth chapter of D.Gray-man for you fans.
by SuperShooter! January 23, 2005
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a manga that is released monthly when the mangaka, Hoshino, doesn't catch a flu or break her hand.

This manga is not for those with weak hearts or minds. Side effects of reading this include hyperventilating, headaches, stomach pains, large increase in tear production, chronic nosebleeds, and loss of coordination.
that new d.gray-man chapter was great! i only cried once throughout the entire thing!
by The United States of Fangirls December 04, 2011
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