Someone who is pleasant and reasonable in person, but becomes terribly annoying, and even downright loathesome in e-mailed correspondence.
Gary was very understanding during our meeting this morning, but when we checked our e-mails later that day, it was clear we were dealing with a real cyberbitch.
by Josh E. Z. August 28, 2008
Person who reads news, sports events social websites or other internet media and is compelled to comment negatively, hoping to invoke a reaction. These individuals are addicted to this faceless controversy and are constantly checking websites, email, etc. looking for a response to their opinion. A real divorce maker....just sayin'.
by Runningmate February 28, 2018
Complaining about your significant other (or anyone for that matter) online because you can't handle your issues with them like an adult.
Tommy was cyberbitching about his girlfriend Linda because she was going out tonight without him, instead of just talking to her about it.
by TNMarine October 21, 2017
One who types in all caps in forum posts, chats, text messages, or emails, essentially yelling at whomever is on the receiving end.
Bill: I'm in the bathroom
Bill: Stop yelling you cyberbitch
by BradBroChill June 12, 2019