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Someone who is pleasant and reasonable in person, but becomes terribly annoying, and even downright loathesome in e-mailed correspondence.
Gary was very understanding during our meeting this morning, but when we checked our e-mails later that day, it was clear we were dealing with a real cyberbitch.
by Josh E. Z. August 28, 2008
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A woman one practices cyber sex with in a monogamous and exclusive cyber relation.
-Hey, Jack you should try this new chat place, it's great for cyber sex.
-No way man, you know I already have my cyber bitch.
by 0gaetan April 06, 2009
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Someone who wait on a networking site for their name to appear, or think they are being talked about, then will commented and message soon as possible
Monica waits to be slandered on facebook, to reply with childish comments. thefore she is a cyber bitch
by dj_webb February 08, 2010
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