A cybersquatter is someone who has registered another's name or trademark as a domain name with the prospect of selling it to the rightful owner. It's a form of legalised blackmail. They steal your name and use it to damage your business or reputation.

Cybersquatting, the act of registering a name in bad faith, has become one of the major problems facing businesses on the Internet. Although the term Cybersquatting was originally used to describe the act of registering another's trademarked name, the term is commonly used to describe many different forms of bad faith registrations.
i love cyber-squatting....registering trademark names and adding extra words, like microsoftsucks.com, brittneyspearshasbigboobs.com, and monicalewinskiblows.com,
by blthrskt November 03, 2005
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someone who is constantly on the computer while squating and pleasures oneself.
mike was a tremendous cyber squatter in his day
by dontchawanabanggthiss August 05, 2008
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