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A goth who is into the Industrial music scene. The urban goth. They usually wear flashy clothes and other accessories displaying a mechanical/industrial theme.
The cyber goth scene has attracted a lot of attention due to a break from the dark and brooding aspect of usual goths.
by Janet Planet October 17, 2005
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Only similar to goth in name. This is most likely because both subcultures developed from the same scene but have since gone their separate ways.

Cybergoths love to rave, have a fascination with glowsticks and all uv - glowing objects. Tend to wear alot of UV reactive clothing, main brands being cyberdog, spank, plastik wrap etc. Hairstyles are generally pretty extreme with bright colour dreadlocks and mohawks being the most common. Wear cybergoggles on forehead, generally so that your hairfalls don't look really odd! Huuge platform boots!

Listen to EBM, Trance, Techno etc style dancy bands including combichrist, Ayria, Suicide Commando, candy corp, the list goes on.

Drugwise, some do them, alot don't. Don't believe the stereotypes you hear.
General love of partying/raving and dancing a must. Generally confident and not afraid to be how they want.
Myself - Lime Green UV and black dreadlocks, biohazard cybergoggles, reflective red sunglasses, lime green uv cyberdog t shirt, Mercy urban camo bondage pants, New Rocks, and covered in uv reactive body paint with a glowstick in each hand = now that be a CyberGoth!
by Ollie Syx February 18, 2008
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A person who listens to an extreme type of electronic music known as 'Noise'. Noise consits of different types of static laced together to create some form of structure. Noise can be classed as 'Anti-Music'. May probably also listen to 'Powernoize/Noize'. Powernoize is using the same concept of static, yet making it harsher and with a techno drum beat/a heavy drum beat of some kind. It can have a sound reminisiant of Harsh EBM (A type of Industrial). Cybergoths also may listen to a type of music known as 'Futurepop'. Futurepop is quite often a light form of EBM. (It retains it's 'dark' edge, whilst being light.)

A Cybergoth dresses in a way associated with the future or to concepts of what a 'Cyberpunk' may look like. A cybergoth usually has hair extentions (jokingly given the name of 'The Gothic Pineapple' due to the way the hair is worn) and will often wear Goggles of some kind (similar to that of a Rivethead). Cybergoths seem to have a liking for neon and clashing colours. Some also wear LED lights on their clothing or in their hair. Quite often they wear big big shoes.

Some have described Cybergoths as a mixture of Rivetheads, Ravers and Goths. Cybergoths will most certianly listen to music from one, if not all of the other mentioned subcultures.
Ahh! The noise that Cybergoth is playing is annoying me! Get out the Skinny Puppy and blast her with it!
by hallucinogene August 21, 2003
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People who still enjoy Electronic Music, but think most ravers are the equivalency of that Scum that forms on the surface of the Detroit River or at the bottom of Niagara Falls. They tend to incorporate the Fashion trends of the Candy Kid movement Blended with Victorian and Rivet-Head Styles Making what would appear in the surface as a "Happy Goth" Steam-Punk/Goth also falls into this Category. so there really are Two Sides less Further expansions (i.e. Everyone in Japan) those are Futurist Dystopia, and Post-Apocalyptic.
Think Bright colours on Goths that aren't afraid to Dance and have fun. Hyper Digital Ideas. Hard Electronic.
They have Musical Genres that Exist only because of them these are Goa, Synth-Pop, Future-Pop, Hard-Step, (most)EBM, IDM, and some Hard trance.
Behold Marilyn Manson is no longer God! the gods of the future will be only 1s and 0s.
Cyber Writers - Heinlen, William Gibson, Etc.
Cyber Movies - City of Lost Children, Minority Report, Johnny Mnemonic, Blade Runner, etc.
Cyber Bands - Neuroticfish, Rottersand, Icon of Coil, Assemblage 23, VNV Nation, Funker Vogt, Grendal, etc.
Cyber Designers - Cyber Dog, Cryoflesh, Nerve Damage, Skaillez, Goblinz, etc.

The Pretentious Attitude is a Throwback from Both the rave culture and the goth cultures, where both scenes were very elitist. No one talked to anyone unless they had an in, into your group, or you could dance. though unless you remeber the goth and Rave scenes from when they were both truly alive you wouldn't know what I mean, and you would also most likely be a Youngling in whatever scene you are in so... The point is... this is a scene of people that Migrated from other cultures to find a home in something that made sense to them. and are a bit closed off from the rest of the world for lack of acceptance.
This in a Very Small nutshell, is Cyber Goth, It really is all about the Music though
by Jimmy Switchblade November 29, 2008
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A Gothic whos style of dressing has a futuristic appeal.
Dan came to the club in a gas mask and black vynal outfit with tubes hanging off his arms.
by Allora December 02, 2003
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A type of goth that belives in futre.

Goths who follow the futre styles, such as flashy clothing, bright colors, glowsticks and such.
Cyber goths usually have colorfull dreadlock falls, goggles, and boots, and alot of colorful bracelets and other accesories.
by Sexy Lynx October 17, 2006
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