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a noun used to describe white trash. can be abbreviated "cud". if you slip up, you might say it "cunterman".

most of the time, you're just calling your friends a cutterman. i don't think you'd ever really go into shoprite and call someone wearing spandex a cutterman. that'd be kinda mean.

as far as i know, its origin is from one of two places:

1. for example, in the movie breaking away, dennis quaid is called a "cutter" by local college students because he grew up and has spent his whole life in the college town, whose economy outside the university is based on blue collar stone cutters.
2. the countermans are a white, poor, trashy family who live in stroudsburg and many people from stroudsburg point toward the counterman family as the inspiration for the term.
"you guys are all cuttermans" -mr ross in bio class, quite often
by rezfest March 27, 2005
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"Cunnerman" not "cutterman". Dennis Quaid and "breaking Away" have nothing to do with it. 1) Derogatory term for white trash in the Pocono region of Pa. "He's nothing but a cunnerman".(cutterman)
2) Term of friendly ribbing if your family has lived here for generations and so has the recipient of the comment. "Hello you old cunnerman. How's the venison"
History.. A family named Counterman lived north of Mountainhome off Rt. 191 before the town of La Anna. They were tounge-tied and pronounced their name "Cunnerman". Their abode was filthy and smelled terrible. It was refered to as "the Skunks Misery" as it smelled so bad no decent skunk would live there. The foundation of the builing is still visible from "Misery" road. There is a road sign to confirm this. Cunnerman, cutterman
by Ten Bear September 27, 2007
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slang term for any white trasher from the stroudsburg/poconos region of PA...also referred to as "cuttie"
They have their washer on the front porch and his clothes are always dirty, nasty cutterman.
by amy April 04, 2003
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