a person that can't express their emotions in any other way besides cutting/scratching their skin, or so it seems to them, sometimes depressed but not always, needs support from friends and family
sarah saw the scars on her friends arms when her friend was whearing a T-shirt and was surprised to learn her best friend is still a cutter herself even though she said she stopped.
by L.A.M June 10, 2007
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Short for turd cutter which is a butt or booty
We saw a cute girl with a nice butt and my friend said, damn! Nice cutter.
by ravencrow neversmiles January 11, 2016
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Money. See nadsat, the slang language used in A Clockwork Orange.
"Can you spare some cutter me brother?"
by apatheticgenius July 26, 2005
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someone who cuts themselves(emos)sometimes its just someones way of crying, or they do it just to feel the rush, or because its the only pain they know how to control control.
do you know a cutter?
if your friend:
1) alwayse wears long sleeves
2) has cuts, bruises, or burns that don't heal and can't be explained
3) is much more withdrawn than usual
by paris243545678687453 August 27, 2006
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Hard nipples either when a girl/women becomes aroused or is chilled her nipples become pointed and very firm
Sheila has great cutters!!!
by 4est June 07, 2006
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a person that find the sensation of pain plessuring and conforting
i am a cutter and i fine some of these definitions to be bullshit. i do NOT belive cuting is dangerous or a way to get attention it is just a way to get out those bottled up emotions. i am also emo/goth and a girl so i understand the sterotypes i have alot of preppy friends and they always ask to see my wrist to make sure i dont cut. they have no idea what cutting is about.
by SamAnnie October 23, 2006
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In baseball, a cutter, or cut fastball, is a type of fastball which breaks slightly as it reaches home plate. This pitch is somewhere between a slider and a fastball, as it is usually thrown faster than a slider but with more motion than a typical fastball. A common technique used to throw a cutter is to release a fastball with slight pressure from the tip of the middle finger.

The cut fastball is famously associated with Mariano Rivera, a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees. Rivera has become one of the best closers in Major League Baseball history by relying heavily on this pitch. Rivera's cutter is particularly effective because of the significant amount of movement (away from right handed batters and in on the hands of left handed batters) that he is able to achieve while still throwing the ball around 95 mph. Al Leiter rode his cutter to 162 career wins and a no-hitter. Esteban Loaiza effectively used a cutter to help him win 21 games in 2003.
Mariano Rivera retired the entire side using only his cutter to secure his 40th save of the season.
by pimpdady April 04, 2006
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