a sensational response incited by the witnessing of something cute, precious, fuzzy or otherwise snuggly. Symptoms include chills traveling up the spine and through the fingertips, impulsive smiling and jerking of the limbs. Severe cases of cute attacks can cause high-pitched squeals and temporary spasms of the entire nervous system, forcing it's victim to crumble helplessly to the ground.
Look at Gizmo snuggled in his bed! I am having a cute attack!
by Corell32215 December 15, 2009
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What you have when an image enters your brain that is so cute, it actually hurts to continue to look or think about it.
I had to run out of the pet store! I couldn't handle the cute attack!
by Tygerf July 19, 2009
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When you see an overly cute couple and they're just so cute you can't stand it so you have violent compulsions and giggle alot right then and there.

I saw Sara and Daniel the other day and I had a major cute attack!!!!!!
by Savannah Rose February 4, 2009
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