3 definitions by Savannah Rose

When you see an overly cute couple and they're just so cute you can't stand it so you have violent compulsions and giggle alot right then and there.

I saw Sara and Daniel the other day and I had a major cute attack!!!!!!
by Savannah Rose February 4, 2009
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Ghion is a princess that loves people. She has a great personality and a bomb ass hairstyle. Ghion’s are crazy when they’re mad and will ruin your life if she feels betrayed.
Wow I broke her heart and she’s acting like Ghion!!! I need to inform the cops asapp 👀
by Savannah Rose November 23, 2021
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Bisrat is the most wonderful guy you could ever meet. He is unbelievably handsome! He will always look out for his friends and loved ones. You never want to lose a Bisrat because you’ll miss him so much. He is tall and has curly hair. He is a romantic, nice and adventurous. He can be the best boyfriend. Bisrat will always call you and text you to see how your doing. Bisrat can seem very shy at first but once you get to know him you will absolutely fall in love with him. He’s not so great at expressing his feelings but if you open up to him he’ll open up to you too. You can always trust him and he’s always there for you. You never want to lose a Bisrat.
Amber: I broke up with Bisrat

Elizabeth: Why? I really wish I had a Bisrat in my life.
by Savannah Rose November 23, 2021
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