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A style of handwriting where all the letters in a word are joined together. Sometimes referred to as just "handwriting."
The form said "PLEASE PRINT" so I didn't use cursive writing.
by Lairor December 08, 2004
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The single greatest lie perpetrated on grade school children since the Atomic bomb-proof Spelling Book of the Cold War. Cursive is generally forced upon students during 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Their teachers tell them that all the middle and high school teachers won't give credit for homework that isn't written in it. In reality, nobody gives a fuck about cursive, and if you use cursive you just seem like a prick/bitch, depending on gender.
I made sure I could read and write cursive since my 4th grade teacher said I would fail high school if I didn't; turns out nobody cares.
by ChadK February 16, 2008
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A totally useless ancient form of writing used to promote elementary teacher laziness and the 8 hour school day.
Elementary school students believe that cursive will be used all their lives and that desks will protect them from nuclear fallout, knaves.
by P. Kaltenbach April 28, 2008
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The style of handwriting required by the CollegeBoard on the SAT Certification Statement, which is officially the most difficult part of the SAT.
Cursive sucks. I wish I could just print the Certification Statement.
by ninjasauce July 13, 2010
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if i say this is an emo band, a lot of people will be turned off, but really it's allll fucking emo.

Tim Kasher is brilliant though, and they make great music. I have The Ugly Organ and Domestica and they are definitely some of my favorite CDs.

Tim Kasher used to be in a band with another person who is one of my favorites: Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. They used to be in Commander Venus or something. They're good friends. If you like Cursive, you might like Bright Eyes.
What's special about Cursive is that they have a celloist in their band. It's odd, but the cello adds a fantastic texture to the whole thing.

Tim Kasher's voice brims with emotions when he sings. I love that guy. BUt the time I went to see him for the Plea for Peace Tour, he was drunk as fuck and got the songs and lyrics mixed up. BUt he's great. Listen to him
by rise up rise against June 12, 2004
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A form of writing. People who write in cursive include:
0.01% people who learned cursive before print
4.99% girls who think it looks cute
95% pretentious pricks who think cursive makes them look smarter
Guy: "dude are you writing in cursive?"
Prick: "why of course! It's a... higher class of writing"
Guy: "You're a prick"
by AlabamaNibber September 20, 2015
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