The small of the waist before the flare of the hips.
She may be all attitude with her hands on her hips, but his hands rest naturally at the curple before drawing her closer and . . .
by hometrics January 4, 2004
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the rump, derriere, buttocks, fundament.
If the new product "The Butt Toner" claims to reshape the hips, thighs, and curple, his ol' lady better jump on the bandwagon now. Christ, she's got a curple so big, that if she had to haul that fat ass of hers, she'd have to make two trips!
by weave September 7, 2003
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A man with an awkward and somewhat creepy disposition. Known for their unusual flirtation tactics with women, strange hand gestures and lack of ability to give a truthful answer to even the most straight-forward question. Curples are great eaters and are almost unstoppable around large quantities of food. They will often be very vocal about their exercise commitments to justify their excessive diets.
"Quick, grab some morning tea before Curple eats it all!"
by Lefthungry August 15, 2013
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