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1. The procedure used to verify the appropriate installation of protective atheletic gear for the groin commonly known as a "cup". The procedure may include using whatever sports equipment to administer the check in a rapid swinging motion.

2. A kick in the nuts.
My buddy Mitch is a cup check.
by melsie February 15, 2010
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what one says while slapping someone in the nuts. probably comes from sports, where guys wear cups. used by losers that think it is funny. the ONLY proper responce is to beat the crap out of the person who did it, otherwise you are gay for letting him do it without retaliation. if you actually are gay, i don't know the proper responce.
Billy: "Cup check biatch!"
Johnny: beats the tar out of billy, then responds "how you like them apples?"
by the Mad Shatter April 29, 2005
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The act of taking another girls hand and have her feel your wanker while the other girl you came with is not looking.
I wanted to let this other girl know what she was missing so I assisted her with a cup check.
by Spicy Ketchup August 07, 2011
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This is a term from hockey. A cup-shot is a kick or hit to the groin area. In hocky there are plenty of equipment checks accomplished by hitting someone very hard in that piece of equipment.

A cup check is a hit to the groin so hard that if you are not wearing a cup (groin protector) you will be serious disabled.
She gave him a cup check and left him screaming in pain on the floor.
by sr_engr April 21, 2008
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when ur playing a contact sport and u need to protect ur balls.
the captain of the football team had us run into the woods for practice. but instead of running trails we did cup checks. i tried to run (because i slaped my sweaty cup on dork joe's face and the gave him a wedgie in it) but he ran faster then sat on me and told the entire football team to kick me as hard as they could 10 times otherwise he threatened to take all their cloths and towels while in the showers and throw them out of the locker room naked and to lie when i told. so they all kicked me in the balls and my voice was high for 3 weeks. i couldnt get up and had to run back late. so i had to run the woods again with the captain tied me up and put me in a thong.
by hotty May 22, 2006
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