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A person (generally female) who acts like a cunt in a grand or monstrous manner. Being a cunt in a big way, using the word cunt to demean the person the way you would call someone a dick. Calling them a dick or a cunt in this case is such an enormous understatement that the word must be monstricised to encompass said persons cuntiness.
That bitch is a cuntastrophy, she is cuntzilla. Watch out for the cuntzilla at the bar. My girlfriend was great then she found someone better and turned into cuntzilla so I would break up with her. Cuntzilla awaits! (nee manager or female boss)
by zelpalin April 08, 2012
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the large vagina-monster that lives in the pacific coast of california. it can grow to 80 feet in height and enjoys to eat dick
ahahhhhhhhhhhh. holey shit, a cuntzilla. run!!!!!
by motherfucking papadill February 17, 2005
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a girlfriend of someone who always keeps one from going out to hang out with his friends. that one is usally pusswhipped, and that means you arent a man if you cant (1) control your manly needs, (2) you cant control your lady. a cuntzilla is mostly needy and a control freak. they tend to be either ugly or think their shit dont stink.
matt, megan is a cuntzilla! your gonna end up with no friends if you keep blowing us off for that cuntzilla. i hate that cuntzilla, she keeps messing up our plans.
by mount pat March 28, 2007
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1. an obsessive egotistic/narcassitic cunt and masochist
2. a monster with a vagina that traps men and only let them go with killing them in the process
3. a girl who attempts to make her friend abandon all his other friends male and female and pay all his attention to her
4. a large tranvestite hooker troll with a bladed vagina that shrewds penises, it also eats the children and the hearts of men
5. Joni, the most evil bitch ever
1. Holy Shit, Joni is such a fucking cuntzilla
2. The cuntzilla known as Joni lives in the mountains eating male goats
3. We has to kill Joni before we lose anthony forvever
4. Joni, the cuntzilla, has been sighted in the Himilayas 7 times in the past 2 years and once in a cave in Nova Socia last month, how it crossed the ocean is unknown
5. Joni is the definition of cuntzilla
by Yamman October 23, 2006
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1.A vicious tall feminazi that feeds off babies and puppies and is known to fuck the empire state building.
2.Your mom.
3.After having three kids.
A.Look at that cuntzilla, man she is the best christmas tree-tropper ever!
B.I can't believe Patrick's Mom is a cuntzilla! She used to make us cookies.
by craka-jak March 20, 2005
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