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a fraction of a cunt hair whose value is determined by the the size of the whole and the field it is applied.
"Okay Anderson move that thing a cunt hair to the left. Good. Okay just a cunth more. Beautiful!
by Rev. January 15, 2005
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A fractional unit of linear measurement used in the construction industry. This is the preferred unit when accuracy is critical, and the measurements are approxiamated by eye-ball. Based on the cunt-hair, the "finest measurement used in construction".
"Ok, to the left exactly one cunth of an inch, and ... perfect! Now lower it slowly." - overheard on a construction site.
by deadlydisk September 08, 2009
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1. referring to the diameter of a female's reproductive zone, usually one who has seen a "lot of action".

2. the female counterpart to girth.
"I tried having sex with Ann Coulter the other night, but her cunth was maxed out to the extreme!"
by Saint GutFree June 25, 2006
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CUNTH - Husband of the woman that is described as a cunt
I can believe he's married to her, he's a complete CUNTH .
by Iron Sheff July 15, 2016
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(Adjective) meaning one who seems to be menstruating and showing the psychological effects of hormone imbalance all month long. Can be applied to both women and men. (also the only word in english that rhymes with Month)
And the cunth of the month award goes to (insert the jerks name here).
by Klingersux December 01, 2013
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