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1.Similar to the kumquat, this is a vindictive, bitter bitch who's deceitful outside disguises the inner cum guzzling guttersnipe. This girl will go into cum dumpster mode only to further her own selfish, twatty desires.

2.Some biddy who sleeps with pretty much anyone as long as she gets something out of it, be it pizza or diamonds.

*note: CUMTWAT.
That fucking cumtwat doesn't keep her dollars in her billfold; she keeps them in her twat fold.
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When your surrounded by kumquats and your girl is being a whore. Get that dude's kumquats out of your mouth. I don't care if it tastes citrus!
Man your girl is all over that dude in the citrus grove. Damn what a cum twat! Get that fruit out of your face!
by LittleDHammer December 10, 2016
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To release your semen on the outside of a womans pussy, covering it with sperm.
The womans cum twat was very wet thanks to his ultimant semenal release.
by spy_harder September 08, 2005
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It strictly defines someone who is ugly, due to there personality and the fact that can be a total a-hole, too.
Man, Jim is a real cum-twat in the morning.
by Evil 1 August 24, 2006
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The woman of my dreams. Loves fucking, anal, facials, swallowing, and funny sexual nicknames.
After all these years, I've finally found my cumtwat!

That's my cumtwat!
by stanleythepowerdrill January 02, 2006
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