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A sexual act where during oral intercourse the male withdrawals from the woman's (or man's) mouth after ejaculating. The woman then keeps the seamen in her mouth, in the cheek pockets. The man then slaps both cheeks at once and the woman makes a gurgle/trumpet noise as she expels the seamen.
After becoming bored with the angry pirate Koko decided to give her a cumtrumpet. What he did not plan for was the trumpet to be shot at him.
by cumtrumpet September 20, 2010
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the penis, cock, hog, wang, etc
i paid this chick 37 cents to play my cum trumpet.
by tony January 28, 2004
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When someone who has recently swallowed semen plays the trumpet; they are then referred to as a Cumtrumpet.
After taking a Risk, Kerry then proceeded to play the trumpet- prompting Stephen to call her a 'cumtrumpet'.
by Amalric May 05, 2010
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