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The act of cumming in your cupped hand and then lightly slapping your partner in order to splatter jizz over her face. An original move of Muscat Private School, Oman gentlemen. Usually performed when she tells you to NOT cum on her face.
That bitch got cumslapped!
by Abdul Salam May 28, 2007
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The act of ejaculating on a sex partner's face, and then delivering a hard open handed slap to that area of the face, with the intention of the fluid splattering over a wider area.
When I cum slapped that girl, my juice got in her eye
by April 26, 2003
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Its when you actually load on your palm & slap the shit out of somone(pref. a female). If you wait till it gets cold you get extra points, as a cold load is more offensive.
I dealt that little skeezer a cold "cum slap" for holding out till the second date.
by wiggz September 20, 2006
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When the bitch is sucking you off and at the end decides to spit and not swallow
So you offer your hand for her to spit the cum on

You then go...'yo bitch, next time swallow!'
And you slap her with the cum filled hand
If she crys...DOUBLE POINTS!!
'Fuck me...remember that bitch i met at the club?'
'Well she was sucking me off in the alley and the bitch didnt swallow!'
'Dont worry man, i cum slapped the bitch...she wont not swallow ever again'
by Archbishop mothafucka March 26, 2009
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