A city where there's nothing to do. Only go to shatti, or hangout.
by awesomenesspossumness December 11, 2010
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Muscat is usually a person who has a large penis, and has a great love for eminem. They may consider themselves a "king" in certain sense, ie that they dominate in certain areas, or that they are funnier/more attractive than others. Generally a bit of a walking joke
He is definitely a Muscat. Look at him walking around thinking he is King
by Queenofstmarys June 28, 2011
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small hairy man that makes you want to vomit
"Did you see that guy who just tried to hit on me, he was such a Muscat!"
by Tracey M April 30, 2009
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Joseph Muscat is Malta's most corrupt man, who won the award for corruption in 2019. Corruption, destruction of the natural environment, Labour Party cronyism, car bombings and government-sanctioned assasinations of government critics all happened under his watch.
Booted out of office after being exposed in massive corruption scandals, as well as in the killing of a Labour Party critic.
Worshiped like a god by the ignorant laburist
Still free, as he is being protected by his puppet & lawyer, Robert Abela, who is a pathetic excuse of a prime minister.
Foxx il-Lejber u foxx dak il-liba Joseph Muscat.
by explorer59 August 8, 2020
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Jake muscat is an Emo edge lord that listens to only white emo rappers.
by BUT FAG December 3, 2018
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An Australian footballer who played for Melbourne Victory and the Australia national team. The dirtiest player known in Australia.
Commentator: Orlando just did a Kevin Muscat tackle, he should be banned!
by ForEverAlone!_ July 30, 2011
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