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A city where there's nothing to do. Only go to shatti, or hangout.
by awesomenesspossumness December 11, 2010
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Muscat is usually a person who has a large penis, and has a great love for eminem. They may consider themselves a "king" in certain sense, ie that they dominate in certain areas, or that they are funnier/more attractive than others. Generally a bit of a walking joke
He is definitely a Muscat. Look at him walking around thinking he is King
by Queenofstmarys June 27, 2011
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By definition the word or name "Muscat" derives from the island of Malta off the coast of Italy. Scientists believe that the "Muscat" was the cause of Extinction of the Dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, due to the "Muscats" constant need for food. It is believed by many top scholars that in fact it was a shift in the techtonic plates causing the supercontinet "Pangea" to break apart.. But it was not a earthquake causing the shift.. It was the "Muscat" burping after eating a herd of woolly mamoths. The "Muscat" is nearly extinct in the current 21st century due to the complete lack of appeal to a woman. This is accompined by lack of intelligence, physical attributes (long bangs), terrible choice of attire (gun shirts) and finally his need for constant food. The intrest of a "Muscat" include and are limited to: NHL, sweatpants, american made vehicles, cellular devices, gun shirts, bad haircuts, over eating, and borderline alcoholism. The "Muscat" was thought to die off because of its inability to stay awake during sexual intercourse. Today the Muscat breed is still alive in parts of Michigan and western Washington and is said to only be alive due to the negative reinforcement provided by his closest friends.
Friend 1: where's all the food?!
Friend 2: Stacey ate it all.
Friend 1: OH MY GOD what a Muscat.

Friend 1: What the hell happend to the door?
Friend 2: Muscat tried to walk through it.
Friend 1: He didnt walk in sideways like usual?
Friend 2: Does it matter?

The fat scale: Skinny, Fit, Fat, Obese, 500lbs, Muscat.

What did one Muscat say to the other Muscat? "You gonna eat that?"

Oliver twist: " Can i have some more soup, sir?"
Cook: " No, the new orphan Muscat ate it all"

Why did the Muscat cross the road? To eat the Chicken.

What came first the Chicken or the egg? It dosent matter Muscat ate them both.
by Best Friends2 December 03, 2011
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small hairy man that makes you want to vomit
"Did you see that guy who just tried to hit on me, he was such a Muscat!"
by Tracey M April 29, 2009
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