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1. An idiot, douche bag, dumbass, or moron. Literally, a person who's is so stupid it's like their cranium is filled with jizz and no brain.

(Variant of numskull)
Dude: You brought me a Pepsi when I specifically asked for a Diet Pepsi, you cumskull!
by Mr. Filbert October 24, 2007
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Cum Skull is a rather unpleasant symptom of copping a shot of man jam to the eye and not addressing the matter forthwith. The mankiness comes from letting that batter stew in the warm, moist confines of the optical cavities.

Causes conjunctivitis like symptoms... but heaps nastier.

Made worse if the shot is delivered via an anal queef whilst sweetly giving the willing participant, some brown butterfly kisses post shot.
** "Hey chap *audible gasps* WOW!! Your eyes look like shit!! Got some MAD conjuncto going on there, fella!!"

**** "Nah, mate, not conjuncto bro. Got a heckers case of cum skull, ey!"

"She bloody queefed into my face after I shot a load into the brown zone. I was giving her some brown butterfly kisses to say, "Cheers!"."

"Shot that jam straight back into my optical cavities!"

"I recking I might be going blind ey....."

** "Crikey......"
by NRE808 August 22, 2018
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