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A wet fart of cum and poo.
After Nate and James had sex, James let out a cumshart that splattered cum and shit on his underwear.
by Skeetl August 20, 2006
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A Cumshart is performed during both hetero and homosexual acts, this could be performed by a man and a woman, or any sort of homosexual couple. This is where the man cums into the other person's asshole and the woman or other man proceeds to fart with all their might and release their bowels, causing fecal matter and semen (even blood if lucky) to spray all over the males body and genitalia. This could disgust the male and if lucky, he may puke all over the receiver and cause a puke fest
Tyrone : ayy Jimbo, I totally gave my homie a Cumshart last night before kissing him goodnight, I got super lucky and there was even a big of blood!

Jimbo : Dude nice I did that to my wife the other night, though I didn't get that lucky (later on Jimbo cried himself to sleep that night, then in the morning woke up and continued his morning routine, he remembered how lucky Tyrone got whilst performing a Cumshart on his homie, he then proceeded to hang himself from the shame he had endured by being 1uped from his homie Tyrone, he was found dead 3 days after committing suicide after his wife returned from a business trip)
by KevinSpicey November 02, 2017
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