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The dried seman that accumlates at the tip of man's urethra after sex. During the man's first post-coital urination, the urine stream will go in erratic, unpredictable directions until the cumplug is burst.
Woman: Why is there piss everywhere?

Man: Baby, it took forever to pop my cumplug after so much hot lovin'.
by fozter November 10, 2009
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The wad of dried cum in a fag's ass after a good butt poundin'. A petrified cum plug can cause constipation.
Bruce was backed up for a week after he let Carl's cum plug petrify in his asshole.
by Anal Czar September 18, 2010
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The hardened deposit of semen left in the male urethra after masturbation or intercourse. Usually formed when one doesn't "clean the pipes" after such activity resulting in a temporary blockage that can lead to random urinary problems and sometimes temporary pain.
Dude, I forgot to piss after whackin' off and now I got a wicked cum-plug. I just accidentally pissed all over my bathroom.
by Seamoss May 06, 2007
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When you get semen ejaculated into your bum and then must hold the semen in by clenching your bum cheeks until it is internally absorbed.
After Justin felt Ryan's semen enter his bum, he immediately clenched his bum cheeks together to prevent any semen exiting his body. Justin had performed a cum plug.
by Dezmuz June 01, 2016
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Remaining semen that hardens after ejaculation.
Van fell asleep after sex and got a cum plug.
by EMSDew June 12, 2018
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