A group of people in a particular geographical area who engage in mass-ejaculation on a regular basis.
I invited a few friends over for a sex-party, and before you know it, everybody and his brother dropped by wanting to join in --- we had a bleepin' cummunity there in less than two hours!
by QuacksO March 25, 2019
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The men who participate in the act of bukake.
Brian: Thanks for letting me be part of the cummunity last night.

Heather: Well, you know what they say about bukake, "the more the merrier."
by The Real Faulkner March 21, 2009
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A society in which cummodities and the means of ejaculation are collectively owned. In such a society, no one can deny his fellow citizen the right to jack him off on the grounds that he alone owns his penis; given that his penis would be collectively-owned, everyone would have the opportunity to wank his neighbor, free of charge (though certainly not "discharge").

This system is sometimes known as "Commujizm."
"I much prefer cummunism to fapitalism; I believe that such a society would allow for a much more egalitarian distribution of cum. What do you think, cumrade?"

"Cummunism looks good on paper, but has never worked in reality; it is simply not in humans' nature to equitably distribute semen amongst the various classes of society, and the Tragedy of the Cummons poses a significant obstacle to any society that hopes to implement it effectively."

"The problem with cummunism is that eventually you run out of other people's semen."
by dangitbobbeh July 31, 2016
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During an sex party, you blow your load on everyone instead of one person, a.k.a sharing your wealth equally amongst everyone else.
Albert: "Hey, I'm gonna have a banging sex party later, we can blow all our loads on this girl's fat ass!"
Christopher: "I'm more into cummunism myself, though."
by Lock Cover February 12, 2018
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A form of wordless communication, mostly involving grunting (for men) or moaning (for women) to let the person of the opposite sex know how pleased you are with their hard work.
After cummunication with Paul, Ally ran to the bathroom to get some tissues and mouthwash.
by Dave Chappelle's Cousin November 08, 2011
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Public ownership of the means of baby production
Person A: So what even is cummunism? Is that some form of communism?
Person B: No, better, because under cummunism the workers would seize the means of reproduction
by -Doops- May 31, 2021
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When a group of people in an orgy all cum at the same time. Also a couple who cums at the same time may be practicing cummunist acts.
Hey josh, nikolai, and mitchell you guys want to go to this wild sweaty cummunism party later? or even partake in cummunist someacts?!
by J0ssssh January 12, 2021
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