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When you jerk off on your stomach, and some of your spooge gets in your belly button. It hardens into an edible button. Kind of like those candy buttons.
After your Mom blew me, I satiated her hunger with a freshly pressed cum button.
by Sweatyygrundle April 01, 2007
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Pronounced /ko͝om,kəm ˈbətn

Another word for the prostate. The prostate can be massaged for sexual stimulation and can cause longer and harder orgasms. The button part comes from its circular shape and the fact that it can be "pressed" like a button. Often can be pressed to make a person cum/orgasm when they're sexually aroused enough already.
Jenny: I was with this guy last night and he just wouldn't cum; it was getting me angry.
Tiffany: So what'd you do?
Jenny: I pressed his cum button. You should've seen his face when I stuck it up his ass!
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by Law&Hijinks April 27, 2017
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After having sexual relations with a man when he cums on his partner's stomach and most of it gathers inside the partner's bellybutton.
"Jane, what's that in your bellybutton?"
"Oh phooey, that's from last night when Todd gave me a cumbutton."
by Evan Vanderhoff November 11, 2016
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