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A family friendly substitute for cunt, predominantly in the pejorative sense.

Originates from annoying jazz pixie Jamie Cullum who is, himself, a cunt.

It is surprising how little explanation is required when directly substituting the word Cullum for cunt, lending itself to the theory that Cullum is one of the countries leading cunts.
John? He's a total Cullum!

He did what? What a fucking Cullum!

Yeah I know him, he is a Cullum of biblical proportion!
by keeniemeenie May 03, 2006
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To Cullum a conversation is to deprive participants of any enjoyment they may have been feeling in the time leading up to the unwanted intrusion, which usually comes in the form of over-enthusiastic laughing followed by doubling over and, in extreme cases, knee slapping.

Cullum also refers to the practice of inviting oneself to social gatherings, having assumed that hearing when and where an event is occuring constitutes a valid invitation.
Jessica Christ! Tom just had to go and Cullum his way into my 18th. At least he brought chips...

Gosh darn that was a world class Cullum. There's no way someone could be that much of a mood killer and not be conscious of it.
by The truth hurts August 30, 2012
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