broke; cash-strapped
"man,I can't buy that, I'm cuffed till I get paid."
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
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When a young suburban (usually white) girl goes into the big city looking for drugs. (usually because her habit is blossoming or her normal hookup is busted/retired. Young black street dealers offer incredable deals to these young women and befriend them or introduce them to a specialist. In short order they are getting free drugs and in love. From there it's the oldest story ever told.

-as observed by Professor Greg Scott in his observations of Heroin culture and prostitution relationships between urban and suburban zones.
This bitch came by my corner looking to score, she was like "in need" y'know? You watch bro, I'm gonna have this bitch cuffed befo she knows whats what. Bitch be sucking dick for dimebags by this time next week. Gonna cuff her to my man over there, he gives me nice kickback for every white cunt he turns out from me. And you know I gotta make dat bank.
by Batfishy April 15, 2011
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Typically used by a foreign person who tries to pass It off as slang in their country in an attempt to be cool.
She told me she was cuffed, but I've traveled so I know she was full of it.
by The realist o g May 13, 2016
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When you aren't married it's said to be " trapped in a ball and chain" well being cuffed is similar. Basically it's being in a serious relationship. It means you are no longer single
"Ashley Robert Cuffed M̃ẽ!"
" omg congrats! Wait seriously? He dropped his hoes for you?!"
by Lilly tucked muffle August 30, 2017
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