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Cuf is a word commonly used to substitute the word fuck. It is mostly used amongst people that are trying slowly to stop cursing. Cuf is the word Fuck spelled backwards. It origins come from the song "Don't Curse" by Heavy D, Grand Puba, Cl Smooth and others. It is frequently used by Jake Chaplin and Quasie Jones in an attempt to stop the word Fuck from being used
"Ahhh Cuf i hit my head"

"Cuf i forgot to study for the math test"
by Qnsphynest1 April 23, 2006

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Cuf is a word used as a substitute for fuck. It is used by people that are trying to stop cursing. Cuf is supposed to be fuck spelled backwards. The word is originated from the song "Dont Curse" by Cl SMooth & Grand Puba. It is commonly used by Quasie and Jake
Cuf, I forgot to do my math homework

Oh Cuf i stepped in dog shit.
by Qnsphynest1 April 26, 2006

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