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A command made by any male to a specific lady's boyfriend telling him to watch out for his girlfriend. This usually means that the person making the command is going after the lady and that if the boyfriend doesn't keep her on a short leash, she will get swept away.
"You better cuff yo chick tonight, man, she's a hottie and i'm finna take her back with me."
by quignugget May 12, 2010
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An objectifying remark made (usually) by a man who means to tell another man to contain or "get ahold" of "his chick" because she's flirting with other guys or being "wild" and needs to be "cuffed" or restrained.
Tom: Hey, Sarah's been all over this party, dude, you need to cuff yo chick, Al.
Alex: I trust Sarah enough not to be worried when she talks to other men, Tommy boy. Plus, I'm pretty secure in my masculinity that I don't need to feel threatened by others.
by Rockarya March 06, 2017
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A pharse used to attract the attention of the man whose girlfriend or "chick" is acting unruly during any social situation in order to control her.
Yo slim, cuff yo chick before she gets knocked out by that white girl over there.
by biggestD7 January 04, 2011
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