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someone who will cuddle with complete strangers all night long... a complete whore for cuddles, but sex hardly happens, if at all, because it's not as important. :)
i'm such a cuddleslut, i'll take it any way i can get it!
by kitznegari October 23, 2003
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someone who likes to cuddle excessively I.E. cuddle-able
"im such a cuddle slut!"
by Lorelei February 23, 2005
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A person who enjoys cuddling with people regardless of connections between themselves and others. Someone who regularly cuddles with someone other than their significant other without thinking about sexual intercourse with the person they are cuddling with.
A cuddleslut is the type of person who, if they have a mate that doesn't cuddle, will go cuddle with a friend after sex to get the closeness they need.
by Zephalis June 03, 2015
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A person who aggressively pursues physical contact with his or her mean, cranky, non-cuddly friends. Cuddle sluts can sometimes be as persistent as telemarketers.
Telemarketer: Would you like to buy a new credit card??!
Me: I'm not interested. (I hang up)

Cuddle slut: Awww, you look sad!
Me: No I don---
Cuddle slut: Awww, I think someone needs a hug!!
Me: I'm not interested. (I leave as quickly as possible)
by neillee October 19, 2005
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A dog, cat, or otherwise furry animal who will do absolutely anything for cuddles.
I was over at Dan and Natalie's place and boy was their cat a cuddle slut. Wouldn't leave me alone!
by tacotacogggg March 25, 2019
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A person who appears to be obsessive in nature when it comes to the act of cuddling. This person may use social media sites such as tumblr, twitter, or Facebook to reach out to the public masses in desperation to find an individual who will be up for some cuddling.

What this person is really saying is that they are an extremely lonely individual who has severe problems with relationships and often suffers from break-ups which he/she thought was going to last "forever". In an attempt to suppress the raging fury within, they seek a cuddle buddy to help soothe these irritations.

It usually begins by the cuddle slut contacting the unsuspecting victim and offering a movie and sky vodka preferably in a college dorm setting.
Sabrina: "Hey, I love cuddling!!! I just suffered a heart-breaking emotional break-up with my unemotional friend. Will you please cuddle/fuck/smoke a joint with me????? I need attention!! Boo-Hoo!! My life is an emotional train wreck and I never listen to good advice from wise sages when I have the opportunity to!!

Victim: Good god! What is this thing!? Oh yeah, a cuddle slut. I've read about those things before. Scary creatures. (shivers)
by The Branch Davidians April 30, 2012
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