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A person who loves to cuddle, usually completely platonic.
Jamie is a total cuddlebug, but she never goes farther than that.
by John Dupras April 22, 2005
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A small, furry, living mammal which one can cuddle with. Most often exemplified by either A) a sweet and gentle young kitten curled up on a human's chest or lap, or B) a cute little kitten resting in a "loaf of bread" position.
I'm in bed cuddling with my cuddlebug.
by Taz the Spaz October 31, 2012
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A Cuddle bug is a girl who loves cuddling and is the cuddliest most cuddly girl ever. Cuddle bugs generally enjoy cuddling Peach. Cuddle Bug is so beautiful and pretty, she's also really funny and always make you laugh and feel better. Cuddle Bug doesn't realise how cute she is but she will someday. Cuddle Bug loves cuddling and is so warm and soft and cosy to cuddle.
Emily is a great cuddler, she's a real cuddle bug
by Thoropeach August 22, 2016
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