used by colombians to identify someone whos elderly


oye cucha la comida!

entonces que cucho!
by jessicaaa =] October 8, 2008
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Cucha is a short term for escucha and it means listen. It is used to provoke an argument or debate over useless topics on social networks or to share fake gossips.
Cucha that mamabicho what he said...
by Vantillana July 7, 2019
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when a woman goes without underwear; female version of going commando and free balling (from the Spanish)
Lindsey Lohan's decision to go cucha libre while wearing a short skirt shocked dedicated fans of the Parent Trap and Freaky Friday.
by Lyle Oquendo October 13, 2006
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Cucha is the person of your life. The one that you love the most. It's a person that only come once in a lifetime.
"Hola Cucha" "Te amo cuchita preciosa"
by Chunchito November 22, 2021
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