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Acronym for "close that tab." Usually used as a response to someone complaining about something they're reading on the internet, or as advice for someone who is falling down a particularly dark hole on the internet.
Rose: oh shit, i fell for thought catalog headline linkbait and clicked on '7 reasons most millennials reject feminism'
Delilah: ctt

Theodore: this lonely girl 5 miles away from me wants to chat
Delilah: ctt
by SuspectedTuna73 February 07, 2014
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1) Spanish contraction of "Como Tu Ta'"
Es lo mismo que Como Tu Estas

Guy 1: Hola, CTT?
Guy 2: Bn...
Guy 1: Me Alegro...
by BeBoxT April 26, 2006
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Did you get a look at that guy?! He was totally CTT; cute, tall and tan!
by jonathanreilly August 10, 2008
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Circle Takes the Square. In other words, the best screamo band to have ever existed. Their lyrics are all very deep, powerful, and intelligent. They quote T. S. Eliot and things like that. The lyrics always amaze me.
Absinthe to slight the pain,
This world's its worst case color scheme
Streaks of oil stain
Stained the road, he crawled on homeward
Oh yeah, oh yeah, he killed the switch
With some unwieldy gauge
Absence of light remains.
by othouislifenotasmile October 12, 2011
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