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Pretty cool place to go to school. Very chill, very relaxed. Probably the most peaceful and naturey place in the LBC. Alot of people who come here didn't choose LBSU as a first choice school. Despite this, it grows on them and becomes their second home. It's a great school and there's all kinds of cool/crazy shit going down(social, cultural, political). There's also the hippie dude offering "free face painting".

Commuter school. HOWEVER, as long as you either:
1.Join/make friends with greek
2.Live/make friends with close by apartment/house people
3.Live/make friends with dorm people,
You will do more than your fair share in participating in good old fashioned college depravity/debauchery. Many students fail to recognize this, and often bitch about how, "everyone's partying except for me..."

After 3 years or so, you stop caring about why the fuck you wanted to go Ivy so badly...Not that you become ambitiously apathetic, but you just appreciate academics on a whole different level.

CSULB legendary alumni:
CSULB kid: I just graduated, with like only $5,000 in debt! Thank god csulb was so cheap!

private school kid: awww man....i just got my degree in underwater basket weaving and i got like 25 grand!
by synbaddasayla December 26, 2008
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California State University, Long Beach. Lots of hot girls, but everyone goes home after class or on weekends so it's a damn commuter school with not enough spirit.
by boodley January 15, 2004
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Great campus with tons of students (about 38,000) and school spirit (Gooooo BEACH!). Rumored to have the second biggest pyramid in the U.S. next to Vegas. Some may call it a party school, but those who don't actually party may disagree. At the "Beach," you'll never fail to find Blondes, cute Asians, fake bakes, Hot Pink/Orange nail polish, diversity, hot guys, guys on skateboards heading to class (whether they are good or not), students in sandals (even during Winter) and sometimes even those people you wondered about in terms of how they got into college in the first place. Ranked as one of the top schools in California, CSULB is becoming more difficult to get into than ever before. Of course, that is after they let all the stupid people in.
Go to CSULB for: Business (high standards, impacted), The Arts (Electronic, Graphic, etc.), Dance, Nursing (Excellent), Psychology, Dietetics/Nutrition (ADA approved). CSULB is great!
by P.S.S. August 15, 2007
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My alma mater, currently on my shit-list because it employs a convicted felon as a "professor" of black studies.
PROFESSOR Ron Karenga? What the fuck is up with that?
by The Dodger September 09, 2004
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Short for California State University for Lazy Bonehead or Loose Bitches. This is another commuter school that accepts any bonehead that wants a college degree. Any high school surfers that are too dumb to get into UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego can always count on CSULB. The cost of what CSULB alumni called education is cheap, and the girls are definitely hot.
blondie 1: Yo girl! U got accepted to LB State?
blondie 2: Yeah. I can't wait for CSULB fall semester to start.
blondie 1: My boyfriend said LB State stands for loose bitches state? Have you heard that?
blondie 2: Your boyfriend's a lazy bonehead that also goes to LB State.
by Socal Native August 07, 2011
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A state school in Long Beach, California with about 30,000 students. No one cares about political issues there because it's a commuter school.
student to laroushie: "Hey, this is CSULB, none of us give a damn what Dick Cheney did."
by rustyshackleford December 09, 2007
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