A subculture/fashion/art/musical movement that originated from NYC in 2014. It is aesthetically centered on natural crystal and precious mineral formations. It is an outgrowth from movements such as Health Goth, New Age, Vaporwave, and Seapunk.
We knew she was a crystalpunk because she was wearing all white athletic clothes and a quartz pendant and talking about doing yoga in Bushwick.
by treeverb August 26, 2014
Crystalpunk is a simpleton stampede, a coxcomb carnival, a daydreamers cabal, a platitude-peddling potlatch, a nihilists ambulation on tiptoe, an incantation of the language in the corners of your eyes, a wild farrago of those who run before they can walk, an ABD of being Free from the NOW! NOW! NOW! We wear non-matching socks: that is who we are!
a: Community through the eyes of socializations coloured words in a parlor with wind?
b: Icicles with the treasure chest under the sea of sand sink and sank for days choking on salted waves choking afront no suffocation, warping faces. purple faces.
a:KITTEN SHIT! crystalpunk ontop of a flea market!
by Getcrazycrunk May 13, 2008
A non-movement in which apparently home grown crystals become to crystalpunk as guitars are to punk. These crystals somehow have relation with random neuron firing and brains trying to construct pieces of some unknown whole image. Created by hipster(s) out of nonsensical streams of consciousness which supposedly form an as-yet unknown and meaningful whole.

Or, as another post already said... Kitten Shit.
Dyllyn, I got so stoned last night I saw the glimpses of the truth flowing from the Sex Pistols on Internet radio. I got swallowed up in the crystalpunk vibe when I saw the colors off of my crystals flowing through the music into old books I got last week.
by TitanShadow May 28, 2014