The baddest ass car ever made by Ford. Huge trunk (to stash "whateva"), V8 power, durable, cheap and easy for repairs, a million of them on the road so parts are readily available, great for pimping out, etc. Many people have several in their driveways.
I was cruisin the Bucket in my crown victoria, with Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" blasting out the speakas'. Easily 5 bitches flashed me.
by MP From The Bucket July 26, 2019
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A large shaggin waggon automobile produced by Ford. With the police package they are capabable of doing over 135 mph, plus they are very good in accidents and easy to have fun "activities" in the back of.
I saw a crown vic race a ricer today, the guy in the vic was doing his girlfriend while he was racing and he still beat the riceburner! Long live Ford V-8 power!
by FordManJoe April 30, 2005
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Large American car produced by Ford.Known for being able to outrun most four-cylinder cars, turbo or Naturally Aspirated.
Did you see that Crown Vic dominate that Eagle Talon? The Crown Victoria is a heavy car but that Talon was riding VERY low to the ground on the driver's side....
by BTS September 03, 2005
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A large 4 door sedan produced by Ford. Largely used by Police and Government Agencies, and old people. A popular choice for young people looking to be inconspicuous. Cops naturally overlook the Crown Victoria. A large amount of power in a decieving package, the LX Crown Vic contains the same engine as the LX mustang.

Plenty of room in the Front and Back seats for playing around.
Did you see that dude in the Crown Victoria smoke the rice burner at the light? Man, he even had 4 people in the car and the cop next to him didnt even blink an eye when he mashed the gas!!!
by Crown Vic Owner April 30, 2006
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a line of large cars made by ford

driven only by 90 year olds and cops

usally seen with about 7 radio antennas (both VHF and UHF), a lightbar and a police officer in the back, seen all the time on I-66 behind rice burners.
"Dude, i put a hairdryer out of the window of my grandpa's crown victoria and everyone thought i was a cop
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 21, 2003
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