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A cross-reference is a Ghostbusters II quote.
Two dudes are pissing next to each other. One crosses the streams, and the other guy says, "Hey man, I thought we agreed; no cross-references!"
by YellowRex October 17, 2009
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when you got that sauce that's lookin extra fire.
Ayo my homie scott got real nice drip with his louis vuitton bruh.
Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
by eggski May 06, 2020
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a piece of information that you have pissed off
wow i shouldn't have told that refernce i slept with its mum, its pretty pissed. Never seen such a cross-reference
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
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A shameless high-pressure verbal strategy used by a fake/insincere Bible-blabber merely in an attempt to manipulate others into doing what he wants, convert to his faith and/or join his church, etc.; said strategy involves speaking vehemently about "The Great J.C." and how He met His untimely demise.
A local druggie tried to cross-reference me into trying some of his crap --- claiming it was "divine matter from The Holy Spirit Himself" --- but I just shruggingly waved him off.
by QuacksO May 08, 2019
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