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A croger is a person who spends the night at a friends house, and gets a boner so has to jack off behind your couch or somewhere private, while you sleep.

It can also be used as a verb, as in "I crogered in your closet last night", or "Stop crogering under my bed im trying to sleep".

Pronounced crogers, (same sounding g like in german), not croggers.
Guy one: "Dude dont invite Ryan to your house, hes such a crogers."

Guy two: "Well youre not one to talk, remember that time you crogered all over the back of my couch?!"

Guy one: "Ya well that was cuz your sister was super hot ok, ryan does it at my house, and i dont have a sister, so hes either jacking off to me or my mom or something".

Guy two: "dayam".
by jaythatguyfromhawaii January 09, 2008
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Pronounced see-rogers

A small, crabby, edgy, and often-times perceived as an angry/condescending while male with what appears to be anger-related issues, however, is simply just frustrated with the lack of action on what he feels should be immediate.
Them: God, look at this shit, this needs to get done now, that person is out back poking the dog, Rob went home, ugh.

Me: Wow, no need to get all crogers about it.
by sc0tty8 October 05, 2010
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A person who you absolutely hate. Someone you wanna hurt and someone who is 100% fag. Call them a β€œdistorted croger” to step it up a notch
Let’s go beat the shit outta that fucking croger over there
by Slimy glug March 02, 2018
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