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a troll anchor is something that is inserted into a document to purposely attract attention to it. The writer may add a sentence or image to distract the reader into asking "WTF is this?".

After this occurs, the troll anchor was successful. You where trolling your audience to make sure they where indeed paying attention.
Them: I read the document you send me, but then I saw "bada big bada boom coat that stuff right up", what is that about?

Me: Oh, that is my troll anchor, making sure people are reading the document.
by sc0tty8 October 05, 2010
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Pronounced see-rogers

A small, crabby, edgy, and often-times perceived as an angry/condescending while male with what appears to be anger-related issues, however, is simply just frustrated with the lack of action on what he feels should be immediate.
Them: God, look at this shit, this needs to get done now, that person is out back poking the dog, Rob went home, ugh.

Me: Wow, no need to get all crogers about it.
by sc0tty8 October 05, 2010
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