Crocky is one in a million, and can only be found in Singapore. A very gracious and kind species, and would let you ride her anytime. She is best known for frolicking in her swamp during her freetime and for also receiving Peasant Of The Year Award 2019. Hit her up, if you ever need a peasant, for no one can compete with her.
"Omg! Im so lazy to even do anything!"
"Well then, I guess you need a Crocky!"
by momomia October 14, 2019
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Someone who is very high on MDMA, could be pinging.
Shes heavy crocky pisha she just took a line of M
by Very Hugh Jass April 28, 2021
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Description of a man who acts similar to a crocodile. Swallowing men whole. Demeaning verb used for abusive gay males or masculine bully types that are closetted.
by Seeyougatorhater March 17, 2020
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