The act of stealing a certain style, look,phrase, but not physically stealing
-All them otha rappers be crimpin my style
- Posers are all crimpin those gangster looks
-"You're so fat that you're askin fo' thirds, trendy-ass wigs be a crimpin' my words"
by MC Zebra November 21, 2005
Ridiculously sick, awesome, legit, tight, etc. Generally used to describe something that is the absolute best.
Harry Potter is the most crimpin series ever.
by October 2, 2012
A cripple that excels in the art of pimping. This trait is usually found in an individual with no use of their legs, loud and rowdy attitude, and always surrounded by a group of followers.
Everyone knows Gardner, that kid is straight crimpin.
by baldwinofdeath February 25, 2010
To look, feel, and be Hott and Sexy. A feature of a person that looks really good, such as their hair, face, clothes.
Damnn, her body is Crimpin!
by lilcj91 October 5, 2008
When you sleep with your brothers girlfriend without him knowing.
Man you better stop crimpin on me, but i aint mad at ya she is fine.
by Man2bfeared August 18, 2011
an expression for ones pants being too large and crimp due to a use of a belt. It makes ones belt line like look like a strip of bacon and it feels very strange and awkward
Shennae: Yo Sharonda I'mma get some new jeans at Walmart these Pants be Crimpin' bitch.

Sharonda: Yeah gurl you look like u be wearing them parachute pants.
by STV21190EGRURRI June 7, 2011
The defiled act of intervening in one's (usually a male's) futile attempt to mack on a a girl.
Hey man, I was about to complement Jenny's breastststs but Ms. Thomlinson put a crimpin' in my pimpin when she brought up the subject of tampons.
by Neo_2129 September 17, 2003