A subtle way to describe or insult a woman that is known for jumping from bed to bed, also known as a whore.
That girl is such a cricket. She was with 3 guys last week.
by Brisko53 October 11, 2010
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a term used for something being not right or correct
dave and jon walked in the elevator and it jerked un controllably
john says " that deffinatly isnt cricket"
by mgk squires May 23, 2005
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The sound of leather hitting willow that takes me back to my schoolboy days. Me and WG opening for Gloucestershire while the birds were singing and a cool summer breeze blowing southwards towards the pavilion. The rain from the previous creating a rather sticky wicket which one must take guard upon.

In reality its a gentleman's sport which has been distorted by the likes of Hanse Cronje and the Pakistan team over the years.
In the words of 10cc

"I don't like cricket no, no, no."
"I love it!"

And in the words of Inzamum-ul-Huq
"Muhammed what did you do to ball, don't make me get Allah to strike you down"
by Sir Dale esq August 29, 2006
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A variation of darts frequently played in bars.
Grab the darts from the barkeeper and let's play cricket.
by MikeK June 26, 2005
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A dart game popular in bars. The 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and bullseye spaces on a standard dart board are used along with the double and triple rings. A player scores after they close a given section. You close a section by placing 3 darts in that section. Subsequent hits by the closing player yield the number value of the corresponding space.
You wanna throw some darts?
Sure, Cricket?
Sounds good. Toss me a cold one, will ya?
by 910 October 27, 2007
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1. A common insect of the Gryllinae family. The soothing (or annoying) music of this small grasshopper like creature can be heard on any warm quiet night in rural areas.

Crickets are known to infest houses in large numbers if left uncontrolled and also resort to cannibalism if hungry enough. Many pet stores supply crickets as a food source for larger pets and in some parts of the world they are eaten by people as well. Crickets are a surprisingly nutritious food.

On television crickets are often used as a sound effect accompanying a failed performance or unfunny joke.

2. A popular team sport played in countries like England, and its bitches India and Australia. Also known as Steroid-Free Baseball or 2nd World Rounders. The "bat" used in this game resemble the paddle used to beat freshman class students.
1. On Fear Factor Joe saw a woman force herself to eat a bowl of crickets.

2. Watching grass grow is more entertaining than watching a game of cricket. Let’s play Hockey instead!
by CamaCamaCamaCamaCameleooon January 18, 2006
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Quietness that is unexpected or sudden. Especially when the audience doesn't understand. A time when you'd expect only to hear crickets, due to the silence. A slow lonely time
You could hear a pin drop.
1)Were you busy at work? Nah, it was crickets.

2) He told a joke which nobody understood. Then it was crickets.
by nnely September 24, 2012
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