A small instrument used to aid in the art of cheating. It is generaly small peices of paper with answers to a test, or just notes on a specific topic.
Tips on Cheating:
-Do NOT write on yourself, it is impossable to hide if a teacher begins to question you.
-Make sure the crib notes can be easily destroyed. Try chewing gum and if a teacher becomes suspicious eat the peice of paper and they'll never know.
-Try printing off some crib notes in size 6 font about 4 inches wide by 1/2 inch long. Then acquire a small transparent pen, generaly those clear plastic BIC pens work the best. Simply roll up the paper around the tube of ink and slide it in. Voila you've created a crib sheet that is virtualy invisible to anyone who doesn't know where to look.
by Snowy_Duck September 29, 2005
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Notes used to keep track of sex "moves" during intercourse or other activities.
George: Hey, did you use my crib notes?
John: Yeah, man. Jen loved it...
by cribnoteman March 16, 2014
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Notes for cheating on exams written on small and easily concealable pieces of paper with stealth in mind. Called "crib" notes because of the manner in which you hold the notes under your left hand/arm while writing with your right arm, keeping them concealed from teachers/professors with wondering eyes.
The easiest way to prepare for a biology exam is not to study ad nauseam, but to write notes from test reviews into Microsoft Word™ and print them at font size 3.5.
by Tark Mwain February 25, 2005
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Notes written on the hand, arm, or leg to assist in cheating on quizzes and exams.
I couldn't remember the formula so I made a crib note on my left forearm.
by Bart Simpson April 30, 2004
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marvels that help underachievers pass intelligence evaluation
Wear laced up shoes on the day of the exam. However, you should remove the shoe laces. Then attach your crib notes behind each FLAP(or whatever you may call it) of the shoe. You may now peek at your crib notes with ease and hide it should someone else get near you.
by astronaught4 January 31, 2008
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The notes you write for an open-note exam or quiz.
Billy does not take notes during class. Now that the teacher has announced an open-note exam, Billy has to spend the night making crib notes.
by Dalzig November 18, 2010
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Faking expressions of understanding and sharing the feelings of another, especially in difficult situations. Indicating the need for a person to use crib notes so they can pretend to understand and share another person's feelings, experiences, and emotions. Parallel to the idiom crocodile tears that indicates feigning sorrow towards another.
We were asked to surface our grievances during the meeting, and all he offered us was crib note empathy.
by Spartacus9000 February 23, 2018
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