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Someone who has been caught acting in a creepy manner and is forever known as a creeper. To attain this title one must be caught in the act performing a creepy behavior like accessively staring at someone.
Ryan is a convicted creepist. Joe caught him jerking it to a picture of an eight year old boy.
by RyanMPrince March 03, 2009
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worst thing to be called on the list of a creeper. A mix of a creeper and a rapist
old man- Would you like to suck on my popcicle??

Kid- No! GO away you creepist!!!
by PrettyLilLiar December 04, 2010
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Someone who slithers around their hallways in their house. Is also another word for creeper.
Oh my god, Jenny is such a creepist!
by Nixole April 30, 2006
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