To hit on creepily; to creep.
Jacob: This dude was hitting on my girl real creepily.

Brian: Wow. What a real creecher.
by rheaman1992 February 19, 2014
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Creeching/To Creech/Creecher

When somethings just sO funny you laugh out loud and it sounds almost like a scream and a wheeze mixed together with the tears falling down your cheeks from laughing so hard.
Person 1 - “DUDE that was so fucking funny”

Person 2 - “Did you hear me? Omg I creeched so hard hAha
by chlothecreechaa June 10, 2018
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A state of filth that you are happy to sit in. Usually after a night out, but not always.

Being a creach;

- Lying/sitting down
- Stained clothes
- Greasy hair
- Cups of tea everywhere
- urge to get into the fetal position ever few hours
- Habitat has a strong odor of man (even if your female, your room will stink of man)
Guy 1 - "wuu2 today laa"

Guy 2 -"Doing fuck all today mate, had a pretty heavy night so Im just gonna be creeching all day"

Guy 1 - "Pigeon would be proud"
by kingofcreechDS April 22, 2012
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An absolute idiot, usually his name is Joe.
A creech is very dirty and and he has the nature to attack anyone without warning or reason.
A creech usually disguises itself as a normal human being, but will turn wild overtime as you decide to befriend them.
Sarah: OMG you know that guy Joe?
Ami: Yeahhhhh what a dirty creech
by Shittbriccs January 11, 2019
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Kendra Creech is an amazing girl. she is fun,wild an crazy. she is a lover but does not hesitate to fight a good battle. Dylan is her favorite name. She Loves Dylan Reeves!
Kendra Creech is so much fun to be around! She really loves Dylan!
by <3KissieMonster! May 12, 2011
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A person with the last name Creech who is known to smoke many blunts a day. You will often find a CREECH FROM THE BLACK LAGOON to have a special room in their house designatd for marijuana use, often called "The Weed Room". If you know a CREECH FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, consider yourself lucky and blessed to be in the presence of such an amazing creature.
DUDE! look over there! THE CREECH FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is smoking the biggest blunt ever!
by KRAUSSYEEE May 23, 2007
He is usually a very sweet loving guy. He's a even better boyfriend. This guy is athletic and very sporty. When not doing sports he likes to play video games such as COD and fortnite. He can be annoying but also very funny. He likes to see people happy and makes tons of friends.
Person 1: Who is that???
Person 2: That my friend would be Payton.Ryan.Creech hunk alert
Payton Ryan Creech is awesome
by Adri Damron March 27, 2018
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